《Spain Travel Schedule》Foodie paradise 01

Here is my travel schedule and review in Madrid and Toldeo Spain. I spent around two weeks from Taipei to Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Salamanca, Cuenca, Valencia to Barcelona. No doubt, I love the Spanish way of life! The climate, Spanish diet, diversity, language and Spanish culture. Let’s find it out.


Emirates From TPE to MAD

My flight experience from TPE to DXB, DXB to MAD was pretty good. The flight meals, equipments and the crew. In general, it’s great. However, if there is only one airlines touching my heart, that would be Singapore airlines. They are so considerate. Even though, the quality and price were reasonable and worthwhile of Emirates!

Madrid Apartamento Palacio Reina María Luisa

We three people stayed in Apartamento Palacio Reina María Luisa for two nights. In general, great size (max for four people), good location (near Metro Opera, only 5 mins), everything you need in this apartment with fantastic kitchen, you shouldn’t need to buy salt, pepper, oil and coffee. The only small issue is the time you should wait for the immersion heater after someone used the shower.

Madrid Airport to city

English summary: People said the Madrid barajas airport is the busiest airport in Spain, however, I don’t thinks so. Not that crowded for me. Anyway, for me, my first day apartment was located near Metro Opera. I need to find a way from Madrid airport to the city centre then connect to Metro. The simpliest way is grabing EMT bus to Atocha station (only from 6am to 11:30pm), cost EUR5 cash on the bus, around 40-50mins. Then buy T10 tickets for three of us for Metro. Not hard so far, LOL.

Cafés la Mexicana

In Cafés la Mexicana Madrid, they serve coffee, coffee bean and chocolate for gift. We stayed here for purchasing souvenir. The staff were very very kind and gentle, even they didn’t speak English, however, everything was fine there. Recommend coming here for a cup of coffee, for yourself.

Madrid Chocolatería San Ginés/Chocolateria San Gines

We had churros, porras, cafe con leche, and chocolate, of course, Spanish style, because my Spanish teacher recommended. The churros, deep fried batter, light but crispy, like linear doughnut. And the shape of porras looked like the fritters in Chinese breakfast, not that hard to chew. In general, it’s a great place to have churros and chocolate, 24/7 for service, with toilet.

Madrid Cafeteria Astoria

In Spain, cafeteria is a great place for great little find. Just around Plaza santo domingo, we came here for some hot food after we did record in police office. If you missed lunch, no worries, cafeteria would be always your choice. Not a touristy spot but also not too crowded. Only locals here with beer LOL.

Madrid Mercado de San Miguel

In Mercado de San Miguel, you could find more and more tapas, fresh food and wine. Actually I’d say it’s a tapas market instead of the traditional one you know. However, it’s a pretty nice place to visit, especially it right locates beside Plaza Mayor and 5 mins walk from Puerta del Sol. Just find some pizza, tapas, and beer or wine. Enjoy the awesome building of Mercado de San Miguel.

Papizza, Madrid

A pizza bar in Madrid. Convenient from breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and late night snack. I love their croissant!

Madrid Hostal Florinda

We three people stayed here for two nights with bathroom, balcony. Fina, the boss lady who would assist us here for everything she could. You could borrow the hair dryer from her. I have to say the location is perfect (near Metro, a lot of shops, cafe, and so on), this place is also very clean, the wi-fi is so so, a kitchen with microwave machine if you want. If you are not familiar in Spanish, no worries, Fina would try to communicate with a translator APP, LOL. What a fun hostal with reasonable price to live.


Toledo, a monumental ancient city in the middle of Spain. You could find the special cultures because Christians, Arabs and Jews lived here for centuries. Recommend to stay here for one night, I don’t think you could finish all attraction in half the day. If you drive here, recommend the parking area around Puerta de San Martin.

Almacen 51

We came Almacen51 for late lunch, Mixta paella, Sopa castellana, Carcamusas, cafe solo, cafe con leche. I’d like to let you know do not expect a special dining experience here. Almacen51 is a basic, good serive, comfortable place with reasonable price in Toledo. We really enjoyed it.

To be continued…





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