Kazuraya Iyanoyado かずらや

Kazuraya Iyanoyado かずらや, perfect, traditional ryokan. This place has much to offer a visitor seeking out less-travelled rural Japan. A peaceful place FAR AWAY from other hotels, less people, more peace.

Shikoku Miyoshi

My first time to Shikoku, we spent 10 days in Shikoku, from Tokushima to Kawaga. First stop, we stayed at JR Hotel Clement for one night, then headed to Miyoshi, Tokushima.We two stayed Kazuraya Iyanoyado with dinner and breakfast per night. (Free parking lot, you could take bus then take off the nearest bus stop, “Iya-no-Kazura Bashi”)


Iyanoyado serves comfortable and nice space, wide view, tatami seats and terrace seating! All you need to take with is your change clothes, camera! That’s it. No need anything more. Just check in with passport, order number, pay at check-out. The staff would ask the dinner time and breakfast time. Please be dining room on time LOL.

Double room: Only two words, nice and cozy. The bed would show up after dinner (the staff would take care of this, no worries). Just sit down, enjoy the hot green tea and snack on the table. BTW, you could take shower in the Japanese public bathing! Lovely experience.

Dinner, the core of Japanese spirits (shochu), just like a lot of tapas on the table. All seasonal ingredient were collected from local side (Kazuraya). Fresh and tasty. Food magic for me. We had chicken, duck, konjac, pork, Iya soba (soba noodle in broth or in dipping sauce) and vegetables. All rice and green tea you can eat.

Breakfast. We had sweet fish stew (boneless!!), salad, Japanese pickle, tamagoyaki, seaweed and miso soup. What a lovely food presentation, how colourful and wonderful. The flavour was fantastic. As a tourist, one of the best way to experience local culture is their cuisine! Yes, you could get all of them in Iyanoyado.

After few days, I got the email from Iyanoyado with thankful. Warmy. Kazuraya is a mountainside Japanese attraction. We had pretty good experience here, like at home. Even English is useless here, we still communicate with APP, dictionary for a while.

[Hotel Review 1-5]
Hotel Rating : ★★★★★
Amenities : ★★★★
Rooms : ★★★★
Service : ★★★★★
Cleanliness : ★★★★★
Budget ($-$$$): $$JPY10000 (one night, two meals)
Wi-fi: ★★★★
Transportation : ★★ (driving only)

祖谷の宿 かずらや kazuraya
check-out 10:00
check-in 15:00
parking FREE/cash only




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