About Me 瘋狂老蝦


A picture a day, appreciate every day! Being a blogger who spreads positive energy.


為現實放棄理想,你的靈魂是空的。為唸書放棄美食,你的身材是瘦的。是說最近好幾個都喊我爆蝦哥是哪招 XD? 寫這麼多年主要還是在飲食、旅遊、3C生活等分享,看似有些隨性但實際仍有老蝦的堅持囉!任何邀約討論詢問都歡迎來信

If you any question related to food or traveling in Taiwan, do not hesitate to connect with me for assistance. I cherished every visit and kept records of all the amazing placed that I stumbled upon. Email Me: wlsherica@hotmail.com


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